Wellness Coaching

Are you struggling to manage your time? Does your health take a back seat to your job? Are your relationships and family life starting to suffer? If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, then Wellness Coaching could be the key to a healthier, happier you.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Put simply, Wellness Coaching is a method of helping you overcome the personal obstacles that are negatively affecting your health and wellbeing. For some, this might be simple issues of time management, whereas others may require support with eating habits or developing resilience to manage a specific health issue. The whole point of coaching is that you decide what it is you would like to tackle. A course of coaching may last anything between 2 - 10 sessions, each usually lasting around 1 hour.

A coaching course would typically begin by establishing what you would like to achieve and where you feel you are at the moment. Throughout the process, we would look to explore what strengths, skills and capabilities you have to help you achieve your goals. Key to the process throughout is ownership: I am not an expert on you, you are. Therefore, you are best positioned to find the solutions. Coaching is a vehicle to enable you to do precisely that.

What Coaching Isn't?

Coaching is not counselling, psychology or psychiatry: these are specialised fields designed to help people with specific problems and are not covered by coaching. Coaching is a very different approach, designed to empower and enable an individual, not 'treat' them. I take a 'solution - focussed' approach to coaching sessions, so whilst time is given over to discussing problems, the focus is always on helping an individual find their own personal solutions.

Where Does the Coaching Take Place?

Anywhere! I have coached individuals in dance studios and coffee shops. Coaching is most effective when it is at a venue where you can be relaxed and feel free to talk, so it makes sense to me that this is decided by the coachee. Walking into an unfamiliar office is usually not condusive to free and open talk; either somewhere completely neutral or a venue that you are familiar and comfortable with is usually the best way for a coaching session to be productive.