Personal Training


Achieve your health and fitness goals

I have been self - employed as a Personal Trainer since 2008. In that time I have helped many individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. These goals have been as wide ranging as life - saving fat loss to training for Obstacle Course races as well as training a two time British Powerlifting champion. Amongst this vast spectrum I have also trained clients with long term conditions such as fibromyalgia, asbestosis, diabetes and breast cancer. That all of these clients found that the symptoms of these conditions abated or were reduced is testament to the power of exercise and good habits as well as their own resolve!

Areas of expertise

I have three main areas of expertise; firstly in helping clients overcome the lifestyle and psychological barriers preventing them from reaching their goals. Many clients come to me lacking self belief and self esteem so their confidence in their own abilities is diminished. Helping a client to realise what they are truly capable of is as eye opening for them as it is enjoyable to me.

Secondly comes strength. As mental strength increases, physical strength inevitably follows. And getting stronger is at the cornerstone of physical health (yes, even if you want to run 10k-in fact it's even more vital!)

Achieve your goals

Once we train the body to become stronger, every goal, be it fat loss, muscle gain, endurance, power or just wanting to look good naked will also be achieved as a result.

Third is nutrition. I have spent my entire career (and much of my life!) filtering through misinformation, half truths and general confusion regarding nutrition. What I found is this; most 'experts' on nutrition have a book or idea to sell. I have no books or affiliations so the nutritional support I provide is based on your personal circumstances, goals, experience, and most importantly, my honest reasoning.