About Fit For Life

At Fit For Life I work to bring positive influence to people’s lives. I offer Wellness Coaching and Personal Training designed to help achieve goals and recognise and unlock that untapped potential.

I have experience in working with a wide range of clients, from power lifters to cancer survivors and each time, bring out the best in those I work with. I find small achievable steps to work on together to get to the goal and make the life improvements you need.

I believe a good coach should be full of enthusiasm, empathetic and understanding and that’s what I aim to be. 

I realise that wellness is not just about eating the right food, or doing the right exercise but is a holistic combination of a variety of things and that everyone has different approaches and methods that work for them. That's why I offer advice on wellness coaching, exercise and nutrition to create a plan that's individual and tailored to you.

Contact me today for a chat about your own tailored plan to get the life you want to have.

Stephen Hollis, Fit For Life.

Our Blogs


  • Steve let me talk about my aims, allowing me to make the decisions. This was the first time I was able to sit down and think about my own needs.
    Bill Price, 66
  • I now feel that I am training and eating right for my goals, Steve is approachable and easy to communicate with, with a good listening ear,
    Toni Polak, 53
  • I feel much more confident: I can talk for Britain and Steve let me, but knew just when to intervene.
    Emma Wallis, 48
  • Steve's communication style is excellent and he has a natural gift for understanding an individual and their needs.
    Kirsty Green, 22
  • I initially employed Steve as a Personal Trainer and things were going great. Then when I had a period of personal and professional stress my progress stalled: I regained some weight, wasn't sleeping and generally felt like I was going backwards. Steve recommended coaching sessions and they were really useful. They helped me to identify how I could improve my sleep, eating and generally retain my sanity throughout this turbulant period. I identified  methods and strategies that I'd never even considered that had a hugely positive impact and reduced my stress levels. I'm now progressing with my training again, except now I feel I have more tools in my toolbox to cope when times get tough.
    Rob, 52
  • I've been training with Steve for some time. When he explained to me what Wellness Coaching was, I thought I'd take him up on it. It's been a massive help. Through the coaching sessions, I have been able to identify my successful behaviours and how I can include them in my life more frequently. I'm sleeping better now and recognise what I need to do to stay in the best of health. Steve is patient, understanding and knows how to bring about genuine self - knowledge.
    Karen Ghosh, 45
  • After a problematic pregnancy, I was feeling pretty awful. My strength and energy levels were rock bottom and I had a very severe case of frozen shoulder to top it off. I worked with Steve for 6 months in 2017 and it transformed my life. Through careful target setting and manageable changes, my eating habits improved massively and Steve took the same 'one step at a time' approach to my training also. Within 6 months, my frozen shoulder, which meant I could hardly even comb my hair, was virtually gone and I lost 8 kilos, including 6 inches from my waist and 5 from my hips. Most importantly though was the change in my quality of life: I no longer feel like I'm dragging myself through the day and actually have a spring in my step!
    Satinder Kaur, 32
  • In just 3 months of working with Steve I lost 9 kilos whilst simultaneously managing to build muscle: I lost 5 inches from my waist whilst putting an inch on my arms and two inches on my chest.
    Paul Wilson, 40
  • I worked with Steve for 2 months in the Summer holidays after my first year of university. In that time, Steve helped me to identify the areas in my eating that were causing me problems and, helped me to basically overhaul them. However, he also focussed on my strengths and what I was doing well already and helped me gain a lot of confidence and strength - much more than I thought possible in such a short space of time. In just two months I lost 9cm from my waist and 6 from my hips, whilst my lifts virtually doubled! Thank you Steve! Avani Gill, 21
    Avani Gill, 21
  • When I first started working with Steve, I was 38 years old and hadn't lifted a weight in my life. That was 7 years ago. In that time, I have not only ran a Tough Mudder, but 4 years ago we started training for Powerlifting competitions. Since then, I have won two British Masters titles, setting a British deadlift record along the way, as well as a Commonwealth title and I have also represented my country in two World Championships. It's been a phenomonal journey, as well as an exceptionally difficult one at times!  Steve has guided, encouraged and supported me every step of the way: his mixture of knowledge, enthusiasm and belief has been a vital part in getting me to this point.
  • When I first started working with Steve, my health was dangerously poor! I weighed 107 kilograms and was at high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. I felt awful. In the first 18 months, I lost 30 kilograms and reduced my waistline by 9 inches. I feel so much fitter, better and my quality of life has improved tremendously. Since then, I've kept the weight off and with Steve's help and encouragement, ran the Great Midland run twice as well as completing the notorious Tough Mudder.  
  • When I first contacted Steve, my health was in a terrible state - I was going through early menopause, suffering with terrible back and neck pain and basically felt like I was 40 going on 80! Within 3 months of starting working with him, I was 1000% better! My pain was hugely reduced, I felt stronger, more capable and fitter than I've ever been. Steve started slowly at first, working with where I was at and making gradual, small changes so that nothing we did was too intimidating. But it all added up and I'm still working with him today.